Melchior The Apothecary

Film Series / TV mini series

‘Melchior the Apothecary’ is a 3 x 90’ medieval crime film trilogy (optionally 6 x 45’ TV series) about Melchior Wakenstede, an apothecary who, in addition to healing the sick, has a unique talent for solving murders. Each crime story is independent, but the same main characters appear in all three films.

In the first film, MELCHIOR THE APOTHECARY, a famous knight is murdered having just arrived from Gotland. The killer has stolen the victim’s gold chain, chopped off his head and filled his mouth with coins.
Melchior discovers that the murdered knight was after the mysterious ‘Prisoner of Tallinn’ – however, for some reason, he wasn’t looking for him in the jailhouse, but in the Dominican monastery instead. The next day, the old wall of the monastery collapses and a shocking series of murders erupts.
Melchior realizes that the key to the mystery lies in the question – who or what is the mysterious ‘Prisoner of Tallinn’?

The second film is MELCHIOR THE APOTHECARY: THE GHOST. In the middle of the night, a drunk town guard happens to meet the daughter of a rich merchant… who drowned herself into a well 10 years ago. Soon after the town guard falls dead from the tower. This is followed by two other suspicious deaths.
Doubting the existence of the ghost, Melchior has a hunch that these ‘accidents’ are part of a heinous crime. Tracking down the killer, his path will cross with heretics, old feuds and dark family secrets.

In the third film, MELCHIOR THE APOTHECARY: THE EXECUTIONER’S DAUGHTER, Melchior’s bride Keterlyn happens to witness an attack on a young man. He has lost his memory and doesn’t know who he is or where’s he from. The only clue is a strange partial letter found on him that warns of grave danger. Melchior’s attempts to understand the circumstances of the young man’s memory loss lead him to uncover a hidden dead body. The partial letter gives Melchior an idea how to lure the killer into a trap... but this time the danger comes too close to home.