Industry party


Soo tn 4, Nafta Films office

We at Nafta Films, Cineunit, Helicam, High Voltage and Location Unit are glad to invite you to a night off work to have a great time with us enjoying drinks, delicious snacks and of course - great company. Only the best people in town and we have hand-picked our favourite DJ’s and surprise guests to spice up the evening.  This is the best chance to come and get to know the local production and equipment companies and also have a great time simultaneously. The event will take place at Nafta Films office (Soo 4, Tallinn).

Nafta Films

Production company Nafta Films is a full service production house established in 2001. Company has produced more than 300 commercials for Scandinavian, German, English, Russian and Baltic markets. We've also produced numerous short films and a feature film "Secret Society of Souptown" that quickly became the most watched family movie in Estonia. Nafta Films consists of 13 team members including 3 directors, 3 producers, line producer, art director, location manager and several PAs. Nafta Films represents Global Production Network (GPN) in the Baltic States and is member of several professional organisations in Estonia.


Helicam is the leading close range aerial cinematography service provider in Europe. With years of experience, Helicam has flown in feature films, commercials and television productions. We can operate with cameras ranging from HHD to 8K RED Epic and Arri Alexa mini to fit your budget and needs.

High Voltage

High Voltage OÜ was founded by two young and upcoming bestboys / gaffers in Estonia - Alvar Kõue and Henri Savitski - to provide the cinematic sets with best lighting service available. Pumped up energy and innovative solutions mixed with good old classics. Like a good rock'n'roll show always should be.


Cineunit offers high quality camera assistant, video assistant and data management services for professional film and TV productions. Each camera package comes together with either camera technician or focus puller in order to make sure everything works as it should, equipment stays insured for any accident which may happen and you get the best out of our services.

Location Unit

Location Unit provides outstanding locations for film productions, still photography, television and fashion shoots. Whether you're looking for creative scouting service, production focused equipment rentals or some brain-controlled muscles to handle your shoot, we are the unit to turn to. With our surrounding sustainable approach and a skill set to reach the remotest settings, we’re a true companion for any production adventure.